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Friends at work 2021-2022


“Friends at work” aims to carry out activities that can favor the social inclusion of disadvantaged people, in particular people with intellectual disabilities to improve the quality of their life both in the workplace and in more informal contexts and promote their self-determination. The project will last 10 months and involves the participation of two volunteers from Spain and Germany. The intent of the project is therefore to support disabled people, and to provide participants with new tools and new skills, in order to be able to work side by side with people with disability, and in this way develop a real and concrete experience of volunteering to spend it in the world of work. The volunteers will assist the associates of Petit Pas and the users of the Jobel Center, in organizing workshop, training activities, temporary exhibitions, moments of discussion between young people and pensioners, school-work alternation experience.


The project will be carried out in Trani (BT), in Puglia. The city is famous for the Romanesque cathedral and the Swabian castle, for the extraction and processing from its quarries of a particular type of stone, sedimentary rock (the stone of Trani) and for Moscato wine. The city has a population of about 60,000 inhabitants and is located on the Adriatic coast 42 km north of Bari. The volunteer will be accommodated in TRANI (BT) with the other 1 volunteer with all the equipment for the 10 month ESC life. We will provide pocket money, food, individual room, and local transport.


We will provide volunteers with a range of skills, focusing on support for the disabled, teamwork, language support, problem-solving, team building, how to deal with a public speech, digital skills, digital marketing skills, how to organize public events.


We are not looking for people with a specific cultural and educational background, we expect to be able to count on young people available to listen, with a great desire for contamination with the reality that will host them, who want to live an educational experience of personal growth at abroad, that we have a marked sensitivity and open-mindedness, who at this stage of their life feel the desire to reactivate themselves and who are able to infect our local community.

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