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MECO – new project on board!

Media Education – a Challenge to Overcome (MECO)

The MECO project idea was born from the will of the partnership to create an effective and repeatable learning model in Europe through the development of a more attractive training program and corresponding to the individual needs and expectations of adults. Partner organizations from Lithuania, Italy, Bulgaria, Spain and Netherlands will work together during two year in the field of adult education, in particular media education for adults.

Media culture has expanded massively over the last decades. We are entering a multimedia environment which is increasingly enveloping, involving and experienced as an interconnected whole. Media literacy education is intended to promote awareness of media influence and create an active stance towards both consuming and creating media. It is important to strengthen adult’s critical thinking, so they can judge and overcome the ever-present threats of fake news, cyber bullying, radicalization, cybersecurity threats and fraud.

The COVID-19 emergency situation has changed work relationships and communications between people, changing relationships globally. Digital has taken on an extremely important role, however the benefits that citizens could derive from the use of digital technologies are limited by some concerns regarding privacy and security and by the lack or lack of access to the Internet, the poor ability to surf on the Internet.

This makes investing in one’s digital skills throughout life of the utmost importance. Because of that, MECO project aims to provide new methods and tools to ensure quality learning opportunities for adult learners in the digital environment.

In the two-year duration of the project, the following results will be developed:

o PR1 “MECO – Essential need of educators to support adult learners with fewer opportunities”. A comprehensive needs analysis report comprising several aspects of adult education from the needs of adults’ educators in partner countries to methods to foster adults lifelong learning in the digital area.

o PR2 MECO Toolkit. Training material that provides the project’s target groups with knowledge and skills needed by educators to guide adult learners to develop critical thinking and other media literacy skills.

o PR3 MECO Platform. E-learning platform for the provision of the training material developed throughout the project to support equal access to good quality education for distance learners.

o PR4 MECO Competence Assessment. ICT tool to evaluate the knowledge and skills of the target group for the identification of the needs to be addressed through the training material.

We are really looking forward to working on this project. We expect the results to bring useful and effective outcomes into the field of adult’s media education, by supporting adult learners, adult educators and organizations or entities working with adult education. 

We also take this chance to invite any interested party in collaboration to contact us! 

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