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Multiplier Event of the G4F project

On August 5th 2023 we realized the Multiplier Event of the G4F project.

The event was the ideal opportunity to share the results of the project with students, NEETs, teachers, youth workers and experts in the sector, who in recent months have contributed in various ways to the realization of the project activities.

We organized the event in two sessions in order to better organize the logistical aspects: one event was moderated by Porcelli Fabiola, the second by Laura Amoruso, both involved in project management.

We brought to the attention of those present all the issues related to the training of young people and NEETs especially in relation to the possibilities of finding employment opportunities in the green economy sector, startups in sustainable tourism, cultural and creative industries and urban revitalization based on heritage, important sectors able to generate employment, stimulate local development and promote creativity.

The event was attended by several organizations, our partners, including social cooperatives, schools and NGOs.

We shared with those present, how to use the Project Results, starting from

– O1 Toolkit “Be the Climate Change Ambassador” aimed at young people;

We then showed the O2 MOOC “Build your Green Future” aimed at youth workers/experts/educators and the courses available by inviting those present to register on the platform.

Later we focused on the “Quiz game” and the “Interactive content”.

Participants showed great interest and attention to the project and its results, and at the end of the event there was a discussion on how to insert them into their present and future fields of work in the case of youth workers, and in their personal and professional life in the case of youth workers. young students and NEETs.

At the end of the event we distributed an evaluation questionnaire to collect feedback from the participants, which our staff subsequently transferred to GF to streamline the data collection process for the report.

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